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Friday, October 27, 2023

Why was 40 Plus Warriors Created

I hit 40 and needed a change. Workouts were not working like they were in my 20s. I was sick of looking like a "dad." There had to be a better way. I decided to apply what I had learned over the last 5 years and make myself the experiment. The result was a success. Lean muscle, weight loss, inflammation reduction and better sleep. Join me on the introduction and see if this system can help you too.

Why 40 Plus Warriors was Created

First and foremost I want to apologize for my lack of professionalism with my grammar.  I don't claim to be an English major and probably will not follow all the rules for proper Blog writing.  

My first priority is to share valuable information with you that will help in your journey to once again become the Warrior you were meant to be. 

Most of what I am going to cover here can be found in our Free 6 Week Kickoff Guide.  Sign up below if you would like to cover the what is needed to start your journey in more detail. 

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It all started when I turned 40.  My goal at 40 was to be in the best shape of my life.  Unfortunately, I had slipped a disk in my neck, and it was quite the opposite.  

I spent about 3 months sleeping upright to keep my left side from going numb.  My priorities went from getting in amazing shape to survival.  

Thanks to my amazing chiropractor we finally figured out a stretch that allowed the disc to slide back in place beginning my recovery.  

I was determined to get back into shape, but with 4 kids a demanding job for myself and my wife I would start hit it hard, get a busy week and fall off.  I would do well with eating but lose track and go right back to the same weight or higher.  

It took me until our Spring Break of 2022 and see myself without my shirt on to figure out how far I had fallen into the "dad bod" category.   See featured image for the blog to see what I am talking about. 

This was the beginning of 40 Plus Warriors.  I knew what I needed to eat for men over 40, I knew the workouts for men over forty, I knew how to target specific trouble areas, but I needed to put it all together in something that worked for a dad of 4, that worked 50-60 hours per week and coached sports teams.  

It seemed too good to be true but I was committed to see it through and show others being in shape at 40 was possible.  

I changed a few things to start.  My diet was tracked and simplified, I committed to 100 pushups a day, working out 3 time per week-one hour each time and start exploring supplements to reduce inflammation in my body.  

Fast forward almost 2 years and I am still at it and achieved my goal to be in the best shape of my life.  

It doesn't take as much as you would think or are lead to believe, but it does take work and sacrifice. 

The journey has definitely been worth the sacrifice.  I have done more with less time and achieved greater results than most I see at the gym.   

Anyone is capable of doing what I do on a weekly basis.  My workouts are focused minimum time and maximum results.  

If you are ready I cannot wait to join you on your journey to becoming the Warrior I know you are meant to be.  

If you want to learn how download my free ebook by clicking the link below: 

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I looking forward to talking to you soon.

Have a great and empowered day,

Tony Savickas
Founder, 40 Plus Warriors

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