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Friday, December 29, 2023

7 Day Water Fast- If I can YOU Can!

Prostate cancer is very common in my family and I determined not to have it hit me. I have been listening to doctors discuss there is a 75% reduction in being diagnosed with cancer by putting yourself through a 7 day water fast. It sounded crazy especially since I have never fasted for more than 12 hours but it was worth the try. I take you day by day on what I did to kill the hunger and beat the mental battle throughout. Also a few mistakes I made along the way.

The Ins and Outs of 7 Day Water Fasts

AminMy family has a pretty staggering amount of prostate cancer throughout the family tree on both my father and mothers side.  Some men were in their 50's but recently it seems men 40 plus are being diagnosed.  

Most recently my cousin was diagnosed at 47 with stage 4 prostate cancer and it has decimated the man he once was.

I had been researching a lot of natural remedies to help reduce your chances but time and time again the mention of a 7 day water fast was mentioned.  According to some doctors it could reduce your chance of developing cancer by up to 75%. 

Up to this point I had done nothing more than skip a meal in a day and was a bit nervous about whether or not my body could handle that long on strictly water.  There have been many times when I would skip a meal and by the end of the day I was so shaky I felt I was going to pass out (this will be explained in another blog post).

After my cousin was diagnosed I owed it to my family and kids to do whatever I could to try to curb my chances of having cancer develop if it was possible.  I decided 7 days before my 42 birthday I would just go for it. 

 Below are some suggestions I have to help you achieve success if you decide to try you hand at the 7 day water fast.

1. Start your fast at night
If you think through this it makes sense.  If you eat your last meal at 6-7pm at night and go to bed early you will be 12 hours into your fast by the time you wake on your first day.

2. Get an amino acid blend
Amino acids blends can be flavored and many times have caffeine added as well.  These cannot only provide a little flavor to the monotonous water flavor but is also a great way to maintain muscle mass throughout the process. 

3.  Start your day with a walk
The main idea behind a water fast is to get your body into a state of ketosis as soon as possible.  By getting your body moving in the morning your metabolism will be jumpstarted and speed up the ketosis state within your body.

4.  Plan times for a quick nap
By day 5 I was finding myself pretty tired as the day wound down.  If you can take the time for a quick 30 min nap you will find yourself rejuvinated and ready to make it through the day no problem. 

5.  Plan on many bathroom breaks
This was not something I found when researching so I wanted to mention it here.  Obviously when you are drinking a lot of water you will pee a lot, but I didn't connect the dots on the other end.  By day 3 with no food flowing through your intestinal track you will experience an intestinal cleanse.  Don't worry this is not painful like diarrhea, but given you are not putting anything solid into your system you will definitely have a colon cleanse as you are cycling toxins out of your body. 

I know this process will scare a lot of people from trying for men over 40 I highly suggest trying it.  Each day will bring a new challenge and temptation, but the mental benefits on top of the physical benefits are hard describe until you go through it.

When I finished my fast I felt there was nothing that could hold me back.  It awakened a warrior that I had not felt in a long time.  

One last piece of advice I can provide that I did wrong that next time I will change is transitioning back to food.  By the time you are done every food in front of you will look amazing to eat.

Restrain yourself if possible.  I literally ate 10 different types of food for my first meal and paid the price for the next few days with an upset stomach.

I suggest easing your way back into food, some soup or a protein shake is a great place to start.  Easy your way back in with solids until your body readjusts to solid foods again.  

It will take a few days to have a solid bowel movement again as your intestines building up from solid food consumption so don't be too thrown off by that.  

As always I do want to say I am not a doctor so please consult a professional to make sure you are healthy enough to tackle the challenge.
Have a blessed day,

Tony Savickas
Founder, 40 Plus Warriors


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