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Free Warrior Kickoff Guide

Sometimes starting is the hardest thing to do.  We provided a few basic areas for you to focus on to get the maximum results.  

This is the same place I started on my journey and was able to crush the workouts and develop a Warrior mentality over a few months and continue to improve every day.

  • Steps to take day one that are small but produce large results ​
  • Free Downloadable short ebook to get you on your way.

6 Week Warrior Kickoff Workouts

Have you started with the free Warrior Kickoff Guide and ready to take your workouts and discipline to the next level?   This workout series will help you build up strength and stamina over 6 weeks. 

Starting with 10 minute HIIT or Tibata workouts with a mix of weights, jumps to 15 minute workouts for two weeks, then finishing with 2 weeks of 20 minute workouts.

You also get guides for your workout tracking, supplement guide, mental toughness guide and diet guide.  All a huge value to give you ever tool you need to develop in the Warrior that sits within and rid yourself of the Dad bod. 

  • ​Benefit: Our products are delivered to you on a weekly basis for 6 Weeks Straight
  • Cost: One-time $49.95
  • ​Format: Membership site access to videos and downloadable digital guides to help along the way.

biOptimizers Products

Magnesium Breakthrough

More than 75% of adults in the United State are magnesium deficient but don't even know it is happening.  Modern farming has stripped our food supply of the necessary magnesium needed in our daily diet.  

I had struggled my whole life with leg cramps, hydration, electrolytes, salt tablets never helped.  After discovering this amazing supplement my cramps stopped, my sleep improved, and the Warrior was born!

  • ​Benefit: Reduce anxiety, eliminate leg cramps, sleep better, supports better digestion. 
  • ​Feature: Combines not just 1 type of Magnesium but 7 in an easily digestible form!
  • Purchase Options: One-time or monthly replenishment

Sleep Breakthrough

Take your magnesium intake to the next level.  This drink has been formulated to provide you with that sound sleep you have been missing for so long.  

Workouts are crushed early in the morning, but if you are sleeping soundly getting that REM then it is next to impossible without sacrificing your sanity.  You will not regret adding this small tasty drink to your bedtime routine.

  • ​Benefit: Sound sleep increasing REM  
  • ​Feature: Add additional Magnesium at a time when you need it most, before we sleep!
  • Purchase Options: One-time or monthly replenishment

Mother Nature Products

Black Seed Oil Capsules

Black Seed Oil has been used for thousands of year to treat common aches and pains that plague many men throughout the United States. 

If inflammation reduction is a focus for you then this supplement is a must to your daily intake.

  • ​Benefits 1: Supports a healthy immune system, heart health, joint health and healthy digestion. 
  • Feature: Organic cold-pressed black seed oil sourced from fair trade where it has been grown for hundreds of years.
  • ​Purchase Options: One-time or monthly replenishment

Black Maca

As men reach their 40's there is a drop in testosterone, energy hormone balance and consistent moods.  Black Maca is the all natural supplement to bring those problems back to levels like you were in your 20's. 

The black maca powder is sourced from the purest organic farms and ready to be added to your daily supplement regiment.

  • ​Benefit: Feel like you are in your 20's at home, work, the gym and in the bedroom. 
  • ​Feature: Premium concentrated black maca power with enhanced absorption.
  • Purchase Options: One-time or monthly replenishment

Organics Nature Products

Organic Irish Sea Moss With Bladderwrack and Burdock Root - 45 Servings

Bladderwrack - has been used for the stimulation of the thyroid gland as a treatment for obesity and cellulite. The high iodine content of the herb stimulates gland function which boosts metabolism. It has a reputation in the relief of rheumatism and rheumatoid arthritis and may be used both internally and as an external application for inflamed joints.​

Burdock - is a wonderful herb known for its numerous health benefits which include, aiding in digestion, detoxifying the liver, and balancing hormones. It is also good for improving skin quality, reducing inflammation.

Raw Wildcrafted Sea Moss

Sea Moss Gel is great in tea & other hot/cold beverages, smoothies, food, or alone! Get creative - as long as you consume daily! On top of that, it may contain protein, vitamin B, beta carotene, sulfur, pectin, and vitamin C. It also helps to tighten the skin and minimize pores while adding minerals when used as a face mask.

​Sea Moss is known as the "miracle of the sea". This is due to the fact that it contains 92 essential minerals our bodies need. With its high mineral content, Sea Moss can promote healthy skin making it great for beauty and hair care. It can also help a person improve a number of their other daily activities by detoxing the body and supporting a healthy immune system.

Irish Sea Moss Gummies With Bladderwrack  & Burdock

Benefit From The 92 Sea Moss Minerals While Satisfying Your Sweet Tooth With Tasty Gummies! The best, chewy form of Sea Moss that allows your entire family, including your kids, to enjoy its benefits every day!

We use 100% authentic wildcrafted sea moss to make our sea moss gel so that you can receive the full benefits and nutrients of this superfood. Our sea moss is imported from a small Caribbean called St. Lucia. It is well known to have the highest quality sea moss.